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Sweet Shop USA

The Sweet Shop USA Staff and Customers made wishes come true this year for children in foster care by choosing angels off their Christmas Tree and purchasing gifts so that these precious children could have a Very Merry Christmas. CASA … Read more

Please Help Us Welcome Our New CASA Volunteer

CASA of Titus, Camp and Morris Counties welcomes Azeneth Castro. Azeneth took an oath on Thursday, December 14, 2017 before the Honorable Judge, Virginia Schnarr in Titus County Child Protective Services Court. Azeneth is now sworn in and accepted her … Read more

VIP Tickets for Fairy Dust Princess Ball

CASA of Titus, Camp and Morris Counties is proud to announce an EXCLUSIVE VIP Experience for your little princess!  Prior to the Fairy Dust Princess Ball on Friday, January 19th or Saturday, January 20th we have a LIMITED VIP Tea Party prior to the … Read more

Christmas Spirit

CASA of Titus, Camp, and Morris counties was very blessed to receive this wonderful donation of toys from Robbie and Misti Kastl, Gary Oren, and Gerald Townsend with The Lions Club. We are able to spread additional Christmas cheer to … Read more

I am a CASA volunteer!  What’s your Super Power?

I am a CASA volunteer!  What’s your Super Power?  was the theme of this years CASA Annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet.  Superhero’s were everywhere!!  CASA Advocate Bob Hourahan received “The Fighting for Justice Award” presented by Coach Advisor Krystal Hosmer.  Coach Advisor Sarah Sims presented Advocate Rhonda Shelton with “The Beam of … Read more


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