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Thank you Odd Fellows!!!

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows Mt. Pleasant Lodge #66 was created in Mt. Pleasant in 1946. Odd Fellows is a benevolent organization that focuses on four aims, 1.Bury Deceased, 2.Visit the Sick, 3.Educate the Orphans, 4.Help Those in Need. Mt. Pleasant had a very successful lodge for many years. Odd Fellows Lodge #66 recently sold the Mt. Pleasant building and will consolidate with Lodge #110 in New Boston. The sale of the Mt. Pleasant Lodge #66 allowed the Odd Fellows to make several donations. Generous donations were made by current members of the Lodge and others to the Odd Fellows Retirement Home in Corsicana, St. Jude’s, Special Olympics, Special Catch, Six individual scholarships of $2,000 each, Odd Fellows Visual Assistance and CASA of Titus, Camp and Morris Counties (TCM). The Independent Order of Odd Fellows Mt. Pleasant Lodge #66 donations were made by Mr. F. Gene Robinson, Mr. Bunny Agan (RIP), Mrs. Roxie Agan, Mr. Jerry Harvey, Mrs. Cynthia Agan and Mr. Bill Guy.

CASA of TCM is extremely grateful for the kind and generous donation. CASA of TCM Staff left to right, Kiosio Fields, Ange Higueros, Krystal Hosmer, Belle Baker accepted donation from Mr. F. Gene Robinson with Odd Fellows Mt. Pleasant Lodge #66.