I am a CASA volunteer!  What’s your Super Power?

I am a CASA volunteer!  What’s your Super Power?  was the theme of this years CASA Annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet.  Superhero’s were everywhere!!  CASA Advocate Bob Hourahan received “The Fighting for Justice Award” presented by Coach Advisor Krystal Hosmer.  Coach Advisor Sarah Sims presented Advocate Rhonda Shelton with “The Beam of Light Award” and Advocate Lauren Hanks received “The Guardians of the Galaxy”  award.  This years “Hopeful Heart” award recipient was Advocate Patty Lamb!  The “Hopeful Heart” award is given in memory of a CASA child that lost her life 4 years ago; Jessica Mooreland Smith.  Executive Director Michelle Cobern presented the award to well deserved and outstanding Advocate Patty Lamb.  Gold pin awards were given to each volunteer that has served 1 year, 2 year, 3 year and 4 year intervals.  Certificates of Appreciation was awarded to volunteers with service less than a year.  A HUGE thank you to everyone that made this dinner special for our AMAZING volunteers!!!  Thank you to Mrs. Cathy Homer for all the beautiful decorations, Thank you to Mrs. Patty Lamb for all the table clothes and venue for the event, Thank you to Mr. Jimmy Don Thomas for smoking all the delicious pork tenderloins,  Thank you for Mrs. Cheryl Thomas for her awesome cooking of everything from A-Z, Thank you to Herschel’s for providing all of the napkins and cups for the event and to Mr. Bill Dixon for the yummy rolls and green beans!  CASA was also blessed to have the following dignitaries present: The Honorable Danny Woodson, The Honorable Robert Rolston, The Honorable Linda Munkers, Camp County Attorney Angelia Saucier and Titus County Attorney John Mark Cobern.  MOST OF ALL THANK YOU CASA SUPERHERO’S for your dedication and time fighting for our CASA children daily!! Without you none of this would be possible.