Do you dream big about creating a legacy of significance? What if we told you
that you can start to remaster your destiny with a one-day commitment, where
we pour hours of teaching into YOU and YOUR future?
The nationally renowned team of Zig Ziglar International is heading to East Texas
next month for a powerful and rare opportunity. They are hosting the ZZI Edge
Leadership Summit at the Mount Pleasant Civic Center on November 16th with
the support of the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce.
This will be a day of unrivaled motivation, inspiration and education. We will
teach you about leadership, sales, personal development and what it means to
be significant with your life.
We view significance as the gift of paying it forward with no expectations in
return. And that is why we are donating proceeds from this event to Hurricane
Harvey relief along the Texas coast as well as to CASA in Titus, Camp and Morris
You will learn about LEADERSHIP from Michael Ray Newman, President and
CEO of ZZI. Serial entrepreneur. Nationally renowned speaker.
You will learn about the secrets to MOTIVATION from Crystal Berger , Fox
News Radio Host and Author of “Be Extraordinary: Claiming a Life of Purpose,
Passion and Prosperity.”
You will learn about how to SELL BY DESIGN from Edwin Britt, President of
Sales of ZZI. ZZI Platinum Speaker. Nationally renowned sales trainer. 30-year
student of Mr. Ziglar and personally mentored by him.
You will learn about how to TELL and SELL your story in a digital age from Jeff
Goldblatt, Director of Operations of ZZI. Former Fox News National
We’re hearing from people in Dallas and Houston who want to make the trip to
Mount Pleasant for this amazing opportunity to learn. So don’t waste any time
getting your seat at the top. Go now to to buy your tickets.